Sealed Four Row Bearings

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Timken sealed roll neck bearings provide strength where it counts for flat product rolling mills.  Our premium quality four-row sealed bearings are designed to operate at high speeds and withstand harsh environments, even while carrying heavy loads.Built with highly rated Timken tapered roller bearings, our sealed roll neck bearings are expected to provide a lower cost of ownership due to less required maintenance and longer bearing life.  Timken case-carburized, high-capacity tapered roller bearings offer durable toughness.The newest Timken sealed roll neck bearing is the integrated seal design that exemplifies our focus on advancing technology for the metals industry.  Also available are the seal carrier design, many special designs and custom designs.

Design Attributes:Four single cups for optimum load sharing.Cup spacers available with or without lube groove and holes.Improved surface finishes to enhance lubrication performance.Inboard and outboard cone face slots that reduce cone face wear.Spiral bore grooves with blended radii to eliminate roll neck damage.Case-carburized components to improve toughness and increase fatigue life.Patented seal designs with improved contact geometry for enhanced sealing.Enhanced roller profiling for even load distribution, which reduces edge stress.No central cone or cup spacers to minimize number of components to be handled.Effective sealing at cup outer diameter (OD) to seal contaminants away from bearing OD and chock bore.


685TQOS876-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

Open 140 mm
2 mm 85 mm

685TQOS876-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

75.000 mm 1.00 mm
3400 rpm 35500 N

682TQOS965-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

0.3125 in 2.30 lb
4270 lbf 1.6250 in

460TQOS610-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

3,300 rpm 450,000 N
0.34 538,000 N

304TQOS412-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

211 mm 340 mm
178 mm 228 mm

571TQOS812-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

1.10 kg 17.5 mm
38.1 mm ZMaRC

440TQOS650-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

Without Accessories 48.00 mm
3400 rpm 176000 N

679TQOS901-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

34.2 kN 2 mm
110 mm 80 mm

304TQOS412-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

90.000 mm 3400 rpm
2400 rpm 200000 N

406TQOS546-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

0.011 to 0.025 mm 23 mm
1 mm 13,600 N

540TQOS690-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

10 mm 1,710,000 N
2.71 1,300 rpm

762TQOS1079-1 Sealed Four Row Bearings

20 mm Double Row
Machined Brass 6 mm